Portfino ND-14622 Tan 35

Portfino ND-14622 Tan 35

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PORTOFINO is a comfort shoe brand that is orthotic friendly, made in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Our philosophy : Better shoes, better life.

The company officially started in 1959, but the actual owner’s grandparents were already in the shoe business before that.  The company first built a solid reputation in children's shoes imported from Italy and already respecting many orthopaedic criteria. 

In the following years, many adult products were added.  At the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000, it became quite obvious that not only the population is aging but is refusing to grow old, staying more active by all means necessary.

Women, in particular, asked us to make orthopaedic shoes that would be more aesthetically pleasing, more actual. The company decided to focus on the demands of that specific niche.  The Portofino brand is now known for its quality and originality, with a line of exclusive products in a great choice of colours, that is bliss to wear, with or without orthotics.



Orthotic/pedorthic clinics and labs

Orthotic clinics often have a lot more than orthotics to offer.  Some are big enough to have an entire section dedicated to shoes, with a lot of complementary products. Most labs and clinics are capable of modifying shoes to adapt them to your orthotics.  If small clinics do not keep many shoes on hand, they are generally willing to bring in a pair as needed.  

Cobblers and Shoe Repair Shops

Good cobblers are extremely rare these days and we are very lucky to count many amongst our retailers. They know shoes through and through and can modify them almost any way necessary to fit your needs.  Many shoe repair shops and cobblers keep shoes on hand. Some also work with a pedorthist who will be on location on specific days or on appointment.  They are also the best ones to tell you how to care for your shoes.

Adjustment/Fitting Centre

Fitting centres are a rare breed : they are specialized in figuring out the sizes and widths.  Several people have realized after visiting an adjustment centre that they have been buying the wrong shoe size/width for years.  They can help you figure out exactly what size, width and type of shoes that you need.  They usually keep a good variety of shoes on location. They know our shoes very well and they will tell it to you straight.

Specialized Shoe Store

Specialized stores are the ones that keep the most inventory on hand.  They have the space for it, of course, and they have developed the expertise about orthopaedic needs over the years because a lot of foot professionals send their patients over, knowing they will find something that fits.  They are trustworthy and knowledgeable regarding shoes.